On to the Next Chapter!

Happy New Year!

Last year was a good year in reading for me with 138 books (2 short of my personal record) totaling 51,671 pages (a new personal best) and more 4–5-star books than usual. As far as reviewing/blogging, it wasn’t so good, with reviews written for only about a quarter of what I read. Between the pressures of ministry and my wife’s ongoing/worsening health issues, I’m having a hard time summoning the energy to write anything beyond my weekly sermons, Bible studies, etc. for church. This blog has been enjoyable in the past, but it’s time for me to let it go for now. It is possible that I will pick it up again at some point in the future, but don’t expect any new content here anytime soon. I plan to continue reading and interacting with other people’s book blogs (I love this community!), so you will still see me around. Also, I plan to remain somewhat active (including sporadic short reviews) on Goodreads, so if you have an account and want to stay in contact there you can find me HERE. On to the next chapter of life!