The New Covenant & the Church

41zb3h-chwl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Title: Dispensational Understanding of the New Covenant:
Editor: Mike Stallard
Genre: Dispensational Theology
Rating: 3.5 of 5

This book caught my attention because one of the contributors (Dr. Rod Decker) was my favorite seminary professor. The subject of “How does the church relate to the New Covenant?” does not come with tremendous application for daily living; it is more a matter of theological precision and trying to understand the outworking of God’s plan for history. As such, this is more of a “theology nerd” book than something of general interest to Christians.

Being a theology nerd, I found it helpful to see the interaction between three godly men who hold divergent theological views. Each was allowed to state his position and reply to the positions of the other two main contributors. I appreciate this format since it keeps straw-man argumentation to a minimum. The opening and closing essays were well-written as well (though I found the one on how to find New Covenant passages to be tedious), but did not seem to flow particularly well with the interactions of the other three contributors. Overall, a decent book for those who wish to delve into the minutia of dispensational theology.