My wife and I just got back from the Together for the Gospel conference, and in addition to hearing a lot of good speakers (John Piper, Shai Linne, Sinclair Ferguson, David Platt, etc.), we acquired a ton of good books…not quite literally, but I did just about injure myself trying to get the book suitcase into and out of the car (yes, we took an empty suitcase to bring back books).

I tried to take a picture of the conference bookstore, but with thousands of pastors, theology nerds, and related bibliophiles wandering around a conference center ballroom with about a dozen publisher tables, multiple kiosks, and scattered piles of heavily discounted books it was impossible. Plus there were palettes of 2-3 free books per attendee before each session.

Here are the ones that are immediately going onto my TBR (two are from a used bookstore we hit up after leaving the conference…shouldn’t be too hard to pick them out):

The TBR just keeps growing

…and here are the ones my wife is adding to her list and collection of teaching resources:

Plus plenty of other freebies, duplicates, church resources, and more:

No such thing as too many books!

Best conference ever!

4 thoughts on “Conference Book Haul!

  1. Ohhhh, the Deathworld trilogy. I had that in hardcover from the SFBC back in the day. I really enjoyed the first one and my vague recollection was each successive one was either a carbon copy or not as interesting.

    In that last picture, there is a book in the upper left that I “think” is titled “Theology for Min….” is that minimalists? or something else?

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      1. Prosperity gospel preachers make my blood boil… exploitive wolves in sheep’s clothing!

        Costi Hinn (nephew of “faith healer” Benny Hinn) wrote an excellent book called “God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel” that’s equal parts personal testimony, exposé, and light theology book.

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