And now for an extremely rare personal non-book-review post: In a comment on my last post I said that I thought that our governor’s “stay at home” order would give me extra time to blog…silly me! I spent significant time over the last couple weeks trying to coordinate and mobilize my congregation of 150ish people to keep in contact, encourage and fellowship with each other, and make sure everyone’s needs are cared for (all from the safety of their own homes, of course). This is a situation they don’t cover in seminary!

Thankfully, I have a great leadership team at the church, and it has been a joy to see people stepping up and looking for ways to care for each other and brighten each others’ days…and tomorrow we get to celebrate the resurrection together on Facebook Live!

All that to say, I’m still around but my posting may become even more sporadic than usual in the coming weeks. Stay safe, and live in hope because He Is Risen!

2 thoughts on “Notes from Lockdown

  1. I, too, am finding that being at home does not necessarily equal more free time. Because I’m caring for two kids, I don’t have time to work during the day the way I am supposed to be. But I can’t do it at night while they are sleeping, either, because that’s when I do my homework for Grad School. I’m finding more time to read (I can read but not work if I take them in the backyard to play), but blogging, not so much.


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