I hate debating political topics or commenting on politics in a forum where a flame war could erupt (so don’t expect a lively debate in the comments section here). However, as a relatively conservative Christian who happens to be white, I am saddened and appalled at the way in which many of my fellow Christian are responding to this:

Image result for white nationalist protests torches

I don’t know anyone personally who is openly in favor of white nationalism, but I am seeing a shocking tendency of white, conservative Christians to brush it off as “no big deal.” Because men like these torch-wielding bigots would claim to speak/act on our behalf, those of us who are white Christians need to pause from the “sure, white supremacists are bad, but what I really want to rant about is…[antifa, confederate monuments, the media, BLM, Obama, the Left, Trump, etc.]” and make it very clear that by no stretch of the imagination is the white nationalist cause justifiable, defensible, or “no big deal” for a follower of Jesus Christ (who walked the earth as a Middle-Eastern man).

This article by Kevin DeYoung (written after the 2015 church shooting in Charleston) articulately explains why racism is a serious sin against God and humans who are made in His image, not just a stepping stone to rant against perceived hypocrisy.

4 thoughts on “A Rare Politics-related Post

    1. Thank you… I am so troubled by the response of many of my peers that I have to say something. This is going to be the topic of my sermon on Sunday too. I’m honestly not sure what kind of response I’ll get, but truth is more important than popularity!

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      1. You’re welcome! Yes I’m shocked at a lot of the responses to this across the board- I think you got it spot on though. And I think I want the words “truth is more important than popularity” framed on my wall!!


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