Title: Beyond Opinion:
Living the Faith We Defend
Author: Ravi Zacharias (and others)
Genre: Theology / Philosophy
Pages: 413
Rating: 3.5 of 5

Though Ravi Zacharias is credited as the author on the cover, this is actually a collection of essays by him and a number of other people associated with his international ministry. The essays are loosely connected and cover a variety of issues related to apologetics (a reasoned explanation and defense of what one believes).

Their approach focuses largely on Christians developing and being able to articulate a coherent worldview, understanding others’ worldviews without lazy straw-man oversimplification, showing compassion and respect in how they interact with others, and living consistently in light of what they claim to believe. I found the first six chapters to be the most beneficial as they gave sketches of various challenges to Christianity (or theism in general) arising from other worldviews and offered some basic responses to those challenges, usually from someone who had come out of that background.

The tone of the book is a bit academic in terms of vocabulary and argumentation but not too hard to follow (I’d say about college undergrad level). Most of the argumentation isn’t particularly detailed since each author has a limited page count to work with, but this is a nice primer on Christian apologetics.

2 thoughts on “A Primer on Apologetics

  1. Nice, I love these! And the description says it’s focused toward winning hearts instead of arguments…that’s especially appealing.

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    1. Yes, they are much less adversarial than the average person who is out to “defend the faith” (while acknowledging that some Christian beliefs are likely to cause offense no matter how gently they are presented)

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