Title: Space Marines: The Omnibus
(Contains Heroes of the Space Marines, Legends of the Space Marines, and Victories of the Space Marines)
Editors: Christian Dunn, Nick Kyme, Lindsey Priestly
Genre: Military Sci-fi (Warhammer 40,000 universe)
Pages: 877
Rating: 2.5 of 5

Last year I worked my way through the Warhammer 40k short story collection called There Is Only War, and found it to be decent escapist ultra-violent sci-fi with buckets of gore and “good guys” who are often so brutal and pragmatic that they are only “good” in comparison to the forces of degenerate chaos. This omnibus was more of the same – in fact 10 of the 32 stories were the exact same ones found in the previous omnibus even though it was published only two years before and had the exact same editors….that’s just lazy and annoying!

Since all of the stories in this collection starred space marines (as per the title) it was pretty one-note. If you’re into uber-violent, morally ambiguous sci-fi, I’d go with the earlier collection (There Is Only War) over this one for the sake of variety.

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