Related imageTitle: Lord Peter Views the Body
Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 281
Rating: 4 of 5

Lord Peter Death Bredon Wimsey could be described as a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Bertie Wooster. This creation of Dorothy L. Sayers (friend of C. S. Lewis and his fellow Inklings) is a somewhat dandyish bibliophile with a keen analytical mind that he uses to solve crime as sort of a hobby (assisted by his talented butler, Bunter).

Unlike most of the Peter Wimsey books, this one is a collection of short stories. In some of them the “whodunit” is fairly obvious, but the light, breezy style and frequent literary references make them worth reading anyway. There was, perhaps, a bit more humor in this collection than in the novel-length stories, but I think it was a nice tradeoff for the complexity that is lost in the short story format. Overall: well worth reading for fans of “cozy mysteries” or the Inklings.

3 thoughts on “Holmes + Wooster = Wimsey

  1. Agreed, the Wimsey shorts are well worth reading for the audience you specified, although the novels still win out by a small margin, for me. Sayers is amazing- one of my top four authors. So versatile!

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