eagle-and-childI graduated with my Masters degree in 2010 with no desire to go on for my doctorate. That hasn’t changed yet, but the college where I got my undergraduate degree started offering audits of their graduate level classes and one of them caught my eye. So, over the next couple months I’ll be auditing the online course C. S. Lewis: An Exploration and Evaluation.

I’ve already been reminded of why I didn’t do much reading purely for fun when I was in seminary; lots of assigned reading. In this case, at least 7-8 books (and that’s without having to do as much research as the guys who are taking the class for credit). I’m looking forward to it, but you can expect to get mostly reviews of C. S. Lewis books for the next couple months :).

2 thoughts on “Back to School (sort of)

    1. It is pretty painless… since I’m just auditing I don’t have to do or turn in any assignments. I get to decide how much time/effort to put into it (which, of course, will effect how much I get out of it)

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